And so it begins…

Where were you and what were you doing when you discovered that becoming pregnant may not be easy?  For some of you it may have been a slow process where you decided to begin trying and then over the course of months you slowly became aware that there may be a problem.  Perhaps you had other health complications that meant that this would be difficult for you. Maybe there is nothing wrong at all and it just isn’t working.  No matter how you answer this question, there is no doubt that the struggle that you entered was not one that anyone could prepare fully for.

The purpose of this blog and in my work as a Mental Health Counselor it is my hope that I can openly discuss the areas of life affected by the fertility process and help couples that have found themselves googling “infertility support” find helpful information to support them wherever they are on their personal fertility journey.  As a bonus I would also like to impart many relaxation ideas and thoughts to support you along the way.

Getting back to the original question, our answer to that question came when we were married.  I remembered my doctor mentioning that I would probably need help to get pregnant because my cycle was so irregular.  At 22 I never thought anything of it.  It was not until I was 23 and we had purchased our first home that I was bitten by the ‘mommy bug’.   It just seemed like the right next step and we were ready.  We were not prepared for the ride that we were about to embark!

This ride is filled with peaks and valleys, constant reminders to remain hopeful, diet changes, lifestyle changes, medical tests, complicated relationships, grief and loss, outcomes that were hard to swallow, challenges to our finances and work lives, our relationship and many traditions. This is just the tip of the iceberg; we haven’t even gotten to emotions!

The flip side to it all are the positive changes and occurrences that we don’t often give much floor time.  We learn more about ourselves, our partners, our strength, and our ability to adapt when things are not going as expected.  Many people say that they grow in empathy and sensitivity to others.  Some couples report growing in faith as well.  

These are all things that we will discuss and much more!

Please remember this blog, as stated in the about page, is not to be considered a replacement for mental health counseling nor is this in any way a space to manage any mental health crises.   If you find yourself in crises, dial 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room.





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