When growing a family does not work out the way we envisioned for whatever reason, we can feel many heavy feelings. We can feel stuck, lost, full of sadness and depression, despair and anxiety and much more.

This blog is in part stories about my personal experiences, those that I have read about or stories that others may choose to share.  Additionally there may be information shared regarding grief and loss from research I have discovered in my role as a Mental Health Counselor.

This blog is in no way a replacement for more appropriate mental health services.  In the event that you find yourself in a mental health crisis, go to your local Emergency Room, call 911 or contact a local mental health professional.

If you are looking for mental health counseling services and would like more information you may visit integrativecounseling.us,  call (315)342-9255 or email me at pelupo@embracinghealing.com with any questions.